SaniTrace™ Improves Meat Cutter Productivity

The SaniTrace™ Ground Beef Logging System is the first electronic ground beef logging and labeling solution for the grocery, butcher and deli industries.

The system stores and centrally manages all ground beef data and tracks the daily sanitization of meat grinding equipment in a custom blockchain in the Microsoft™ Azure™ cloud.

The SaniTrace™ Ground Beef Logging System includes a customized computer tablet, a wireless handheld barcode scanner, and rolls of preprinted labels.

Fresh & Prewrapped

SaniTrace™ ground beef labels can be used on fresh ground beef from the meat case and on prewrapped ground beef packs.

Speed & Accuracy

The SaniTrace™ Ground Beef Logging System removes handwritten mistakes to make the logs more accurate. Additionally, SaniTrace™ uses a meat cutter and supervisor electronic login system to ensure greater log accuracy. Handwriting each log entry takes time and can be inaccurate, while the SaniTrace™ system is as quick as a barcode scan!

Proven Rugged

Mounted on a metal stand, the hardware used in the SaniTrace™ system is proven to withstand the cold and wet conditions in grocery store meat rooms.