SaniTrace™ Sends Recall Texts on Purchases

SaniTrace™ saves shopper purchase and text data, and ground beef log data in a secure blockchain. This Layer 2 blockchain is hosted on Microsoft™ Azure™ servers in the cloud, and works independently from Layer 1, the Ethereum Mainnet - the primary public Ethereum production blockchain.

Targeted Recall Texts

SaniTrace™ recall texts are targeted to purchased ground beef only. Grocery shoppers receive recall texts only for ground beef that was purchased, rather than on entire ground beef lots that may not have been purchased.

Texts Direct from the Blockchain

SaniTrace™ is the first company to distribute consumer recall notifications directly from a blockchain. National and local recalls are generated in the SaniTrace™ blockchain and then recall texts are sent via an SMS server directly to shoppers’ smartphones.

A Relational Blockchain

The SaniTrace™ blockchain functions like a standard relational database in which ground beef log data is matched with shopper purchases and with shopper text data, to deliver recall texts directly to shoppers’ smartphones.