SaniTrace™ Monetizes Food Safety Data

SaniTrace™ created digital tokens to monetize food safety data benefiting both grocery shoppers and grocery stores. The new ShopDrop™ Digital Token Distribution System (DTDS) distributes the newly minted tokens to digital wallets of participating grocery shoppers everywhere!

Grocery shoppers receive SaniTrace™ tokens (SANI) when they provide their data as they signup to receive recall texts. Grocery stores and food manufacturers receive SaniTrace™ tokens (SANI) in return for storing their data on their own private SaniTrace™ blockchain.

In addition to distributing SANI tokens to digital wallets, the new ShopDrop™ DTDS can distribute digital coupons, digital manager specials, and any digital shopping incentives directly to grocery shoppers.

The SaniTrace™ Ground Beef Logging System uses a private blockchain for each participating grocery store and food manufacturer. Each independent blockchain is hosted on Microsoft™ Azure™ servers in the cloud and works independently from the Ethereum Mainnet - the primary public Ethereum production blockchain.

The SaniTrace™ Ground Beef Logging System is a Layer 2 optimistic rollup, in which all detailed ground beef logging data is stored in the private Layer 2 blockchains. A Merkle tree of the blocks is created and the top hash of the tree from each participating company’s logging data is stored on the Layer 1 Ethereum Mainnet.

The top hash from a Merkle tree of the daily ground beef logging data, from each participating company, is stored on the Layer 1 Ethereum Mainnet. This way all data can be publicly verified and accessed by participating data subscribers, while reducing costs and speeding up data storage times.