About SaniTrace™

SaniTrace™, LLC, a Missouri limited liability company located in Saint Louis, is a software and hardware company focused on creating innovative and simple-to-implement systems utilizing blockchain technology.

The company‚Äôs initial system, the SaniTrace™ Ground Beef Logging System, is the first to monetize food safety data to benefit both grocery shoppers and businesses. The SaniTrace™ Ground Beef Logging System is like a personal food safety alarm on ground beef packages!

Grocery shoppers receive SaniTrace™ tokens (SANI) for providing their data when they signup to receive recall texts. Grocery stores and food manufacturers receive SaniTrace™ tokens (SANI) in return for storing their data on a private SaniTrace™ blockchain.

Grocery shoppers will receive targeted recall notifications via text message from SaniTrace™ for the specific ground beef packages purchased. SaniTrace™ is the first company to distribute targeted consumer recall notifications via text directly from a blockchain.

Federal, state, and local government and non-government agencies can apply to access the SaniTrace™ ground beef logging data to monitor up-to-the-minute information.