Providing Peace of Mind Through Technology!


SaniTrace creates electronic systems to log all cleaning activities in real-time.

For use in hospitals, grocery stores, convenience stores, hotels, restaurants, and ground beef operations, SaniTrace provides simple-to-implement systems to improve cleaning and sanitization processes.

Ground Beef Logging & Labeling Solution

The SaniTrace Ground Beef Logging & Labeling Solution allows meat cutters to effortlessly log the origin of all ground beef and log the daily sanitization of meat grinding equipment.

SaniTrace labels found on ground beef packages confirm that stores are tracing the origins of their ground beef to make their purchase safer and allows shoppers to receive a notification via text message if their ground beef is recalled.

The repeal of the Country of Origin Labeling Act creates a traceability issue for the beef and pork industry. SaniTrace can go beyond ground beef to the logging and labeling of all beef and pork purchases.

Hospital Cleaning

The SaniTrace system for hospitals provides administrators with real-time data for daily and terminal cleaning of rooms and equipment for improved patient check in. It also allows nurses to better schedule room availability for enhanced patient satisfaction.

Retail Store Cleaning

Convenience stores and grocery stores are mandated to keep specific areas of operations clean at regular intervals. The SaniTrace system for these retail locations allows owners and managers the ability to maintain real-time cleaning logs to meet inspector demands and shopper satisfaction.